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Retail market review implementation

We are implementing recommendations of the Victorian Government’s retail energy market review.

The commission has started work to implement key recommendations of the Independent Review into the Electricity and Gas Retail Markets in Victoria.

After announcing its support for a majority of the review’s recommendations, the government has asked us to implement a number of them including:

  • Bills and marketing – setting new standards for bills and marketing material to help customers navigate the energy market more effectively
  • Competitiveness review – developing and applying a framework for reporting on competitiveness and efficiency in the market. The framework is to include a reference price for assessing competitiveness
  • Code review – undertaking a review of our regulatory codes to ensure they focus on customer outcomes, in accordance with the review’s recommendations.

You can read more about our work to develop a reference price and to implement the recommendations for improving outcomes for customers.

Key milestones

  • March 2018 – consultation paper outlining proposed approach to developing a methodology for a reference price
  • October 2018 – standards for customer bills finalised (taking effect no later than 1 July 2019)
  • January 2019 – new standards for marketing and finalised (taking effect no later than 1 July 2019)
  • July 2019 – new standards for bills and marketing take effect no later than this date
  • By end 2019 – review of our regulatory codes complete
  • By end 2019 – report on competitiveness and efficiency of the Victorian retail energy market

Participate in our stakeholder reference group

We are inviting expressions of interest from experienced organisations to participate in a reference  group assist us with this work

The purpose of the group will be to obtain a variety of perspectives, insights and knowledge to inform the work program and to ensure we understand the concerns and issues the sector and consumers face.  You can read more in the terms of reference below.

We are specifically seeking members with skills and experience in the following areas:

  • customer experiences in the Victorian energy retail market, including culturally and linguistically diverse and aged customers
  • retail industry practices in pricing, marketing and billing
  • behavioural insights as they relate to utility markets and regulatory reform
  • competition and efficiency in utility markets.

To ensure the reference group can fulfill its objectives in an efficient manner, membership of the group will be kept to a reasonable size and be focused on ensuring a broad spectrum of stakeholders are involved.

You are invited to submit an expression of interest (PDF, 29kb) for participation by briefly outlining your relevant skills and experience, to by Tuesday 27 March 2018.

We intend to finalise membership by Thursday 5 April 2018.

How to stay up to date with these projects

To stay up to date, contact us at to register your interest. You can also check our website or follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn for the latest information. Alternatively, call us on (03) 9032 1300 to discuss how you can have your say on your energy market.

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