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VEET Scheme Compliance and Enforcement Policy

On the 1 November 2017, the commission approved the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) scheme compliance and enforcement policy.

The policy outlines our approach to promoting and enforcing compliance with the VEET act and VEET regulations and is important because:

  • it ensures that the greenhouse gas abatement claimed by accredited persons is achieved
  • it ensures scheme participants compete on a level playing field
  • it reduces risk to scheme participants and consumers
  • it protects the integrity of the scheme.

The policy promotes compliance with the VEET act and VEET regulations

It achieves this by:

  • setting out how we will achieve compliance and carry out enforcement
  • providing scheme participants (accredited persons and relevant entities) with a better understanding of our compliance and enforcement processes
  • assisting scheme participants to understand what we expect from them when participating in the VEET scheme
  • encouraging an active compliance culture
  • assisting scheme participants to comply with new activities such as project based activities, insulation activities and non-building based lighting.

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