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Proposed customer service code changes

Changes to customer service codes for water businesses were part of our response to one of 227 recommendations from the Royal Commission into Family Violence.

To inform the approach a water business might take to meet these new family violence requirements we have developed; Moving towards better practice—implementing family violence policies in the Victorian water sector. This paper includes examples of policies and family violence measures, case studies, referrals and other resources.

The code amendments and guiding material were developed in collaboration with representatives from water businesses, community agencies, industry associations and other organisations involved in the utility sector. While the guiding material has been prepared for the Victorian water industry, we believe it can serve as a useful resource for other service providers.

We will continue to work with the water sector and community organisations to implement the family violence provisions in the customer service codes. This will include facilitating workshops on better practice approaches to family violence, as well as updating our guiding material.

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