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Review of Energy Retail Performance Indicators

The Essential Services Commission (the Commission) has recently completed a review of its energy retail performance indicator framework.

The purpose of the review was to align, where appropriate, to similar indicators used by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER). This will assist any future transition to the National Energy Customer Framework, and create a uniform reporting framework for retailers operating across different jurisdictions.

The review has also enabled the Commission to streamline the data set, improve terminology and clarify definitions.

The Commission undertook a range of stakeholder consultations, including with the Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria and the AER. Following the receipt of stakeholder submissions, a workshop with a number of retailers was also conducted. The Commission also received a range of submissions from interested parties.

The Commission, following consideration of all of the issues raised in these forums, has produced its Final Decision and  the full set of changes for the 2013-14 reporting period.

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