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Ausnet Services’ Smart Meter Undertaking

AusNet has completed a program to ensure eastern Victorian energy customers have properly working smart meters.

Independent audits have confirmed AusNet customers now have fully functioning smart meters. This means they will be able to access information and services available to other Victorians, such as connecting to electricity more easily or switching to a new electricity retailer faster.

Our undertaking with AusNet

In June 2015, we accepted an Administrative Undertaking from AusNet requiring them to meet the required service standards for smart meters by 31 March 2017.

We closely monitored AusNet’s performance against those targets in 2016 and 2017 through a series of audits.

After considering these audits and receiving written assurances from AusNet, the commission has decided to discharge the undertaking.

Room to improve

While AusNet failed to meet one of the service level standards by a small margin, all other requirements of the undertaking were met.

AusNet achieved 99.8 per cent compliance against the 99.9 per cent target for providing actual metering data within 10 days as required by the undertaking.

We accept AusNet is substantially compliant with this requirement and there are operational reasons that make the target difficult to achieve.

Ongoing monitoring

AusNet will continue to report on its performance against this standard to ensure it’s performance does not deteriorate.

Learn more about our compliance and monitoring role.

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