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Regulatory Audits of Licensed Energy Businesses

The 2016-17 audit program consisted of 15 retailer audits and seven distributor audits. The Victorian energy market update provides information about the audits and what the results mean for consumers.

Understanding the audit fact sheets

To understand how each retailer and distributor performed, a fact sheet on each audit is available below. Each audit fact sheet summarises the assessment made by the auditor as per Guideline 22 – Regulatory Audits of Energy Businesses.

Grading Description

Non Compliance
Evidence demonstrates that the obligation has not been met or could not be demonstrated.

Urgent remedial action is required to achieve compliance with the obligation.

Partial Compliance
Evidence demonstrates that some requirements of the obligation have not been met.
Some action is required to correct practices to ensure compliance with the obligation.

General Compliance
Evidence demonstrates that all or most requirements of the obligation have been met.
There may be some minor actions required to correct practices to ensure compliance with the obligation.
N/A The items tested under this section of the audit were specific to each business from a previous audit, or compliance issue.
Gradings are not consistently applied to obligations for this section across all audits.

Retailer targeted review audits

Eleven retailers who had previously been audited during the 2015-16 period underwent a more targeted review, which tested obligations for: explicit informed consent; payment plans; and compliance performance and reporting. Below are the fact sheet summaries for the retailer targeted reviews:

Retailer baseline audits

Four newer retailers underwent a baseline audit which tested obligations for compliance performance and reporting; life support; marketing; billing; advanced metering infrastructure; financial hardship programs; disconnections and reconnections; complaints and dispute resolution; tariff variations; and deemed customer arrangements. Below are the fact sheet summaries for the retailer baseline audits:

Distributor audits

Five electricity distributors and three gas distributors were audited on obligations for: life support and planned interruptions (electricity distributors only); guaranteed service levels; compliance management systems; and complaints and dispute resolution. Below are the fact sheet summaries for the distributor audits:

The commission will continue to work with retailers and distributors, in seeking to provide better services to all Victorian energy consumers.

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