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Harmonisation of Energy Retail Codes and Guidelines With The National Energy Customer Framework

On 13 June 2012, the Victorian Government announced that it had deferred Victoria’s transition to the National Energy Customer Framework (NECF) to ensure there was no reduction in key protections for Victorian customers. The Victorian Government stated that it would explore opportunities to align Victoria’s retail and consumer protection arrangements with the NECF where it did not result in lower standards for Victorian customers.

In July 2012, the former Minister for Energy and Resources wrote to the Commission noting that the current Victorian regulatory regime and the proposed framework under the National Energy Retail Law (Victoria) Bill 2012 (NERLVA) were substantially equivalent in terms of protections to Victorian energy customers. The Minister requested that the Commission consider harmonising the regulations contained in our codes and guidelines to the extent possible with the NECF, as set out in the NERLVA.

Following the release of drafts, extensive consultations and workshops, the Commission made amendments to the Energy Retail Code (the Code), which are incorporated into version 11 of the Code. The Commission also made a series of consequential amendments to other relevant Codes and Guidelines that make up the regulatory framework.

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