Register for an electricity licence exemption

Registration exemptions

If you fall within a registration exemptions category, you will need to complete a registration for each activity where you sell or supply electricity within the limits of a site you own, operate or occupy..

Registration update

In response to recent consultation with stakeholders, we are making changes to the registration process. These changes are being incorporated in our new online registration portal.

We will be providing detailed information on this process shortly and will be extending the registration timeline for existing exemptions until 31 May 2018. We will advise stakeholders when the online registration portal is available. You can provide us with your details via the email address below, so we can contact you when registrations commence.

Pre-register for registration exemptions

To pre-register for registration exemptions, email

Deemed exemptions

If you meet the criteria of a deemed exemption, the exemption is automatic and you do not need to register.


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