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True Value Inquiry - Distributed Generation

In September 2015, we received a terms of reference under section 41 of the Essential Services Commission Act 2001, to carry out an inquiry into the true value of distributed generation (the Inquiry).

The Inquiry involves two separate but related stages. The first looks at the energy value of distributed generation, and the second looks at the network value. In both stages, we are looking at the economic, social and environmental benefits that arise from distributed generation.

In December 2015 we published a paper outlining our proposed approach to the Inquiry which was accepted by the Government. Submissions were due on 12 February. We received 2,553 submissions.

Stage 1 – Energy Value

Draft Report

On 6 May, the Commission released its Draft Report for stage 1 (energy value) of the Inquiry, with submissions due by 3 June. We received 38 submissions. The Commission also held a series of public forums around the state during the consultation period.

Final Report

The Final Report was provided to the Government in August.

Stage 2 – Network Value

Discussion Paper

On 29 June, the Commission released its Discussion Paper for stage 2 (network value) of the inquiry for consultation. We received 14 submissions.

Draft Report

On 15 November, the Commission released its Draft Report for stage 2 (network value) of the inquiry, with submissions due by 5pm 12 December. Information on how to make a submission can be found in the Draft Report, available for download below.

Final Report

The Final Report is due to the Government in February 2017.

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