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Ausnet Services’ Smart Meter Undertaking

AusNet Services’ Smart Meter Undertaking: Ensuring Eastern Victorian Energy Customers Have Properly Working Smart Meters

The Essential Services Commission has accepted an administrative undertaking from AusNet Services Pty Ltd (AusNet Services) regarding their current non-compliance with their smart meter obligations.

In an audit of all Victorian distributors in October 2014, the Commission found that AusNet Services, the licensed energy distributor responsible for servicing customers in Eastern Victoria:

  • had not used its best endeavours to install smart meters by 31 December 2013, and
  • the smart meters that had been installed, were not yet fully operational.

As at 15 June 2015, AusNet had installed 696,749 smart meters which are not yet fully operational.

The administrative undertaking, accepted by the Commission, commits AusNet Services to meet a series of targets for the operation of smart meters, with all smart meters meeting the required service standards by 31 March 2017.

The service standards require that all smart meters are:

  • able to remotely communicate data about customer energy consumption levels, and meet accuracy and speed standards;
  • fully functional, including being able to detect loss of electricity supply, whether a meter is not working, and to connect with other technolpgy such as in-home displays.

The undertaking also includes reporting and auditing requirements.

The Commission acknowledges AusNet Services’ cooperation in developing the undertaking and looks forward to further working with AusNet Services as it progresses towards meeting its commitments, as set out in its undertaking.

The obligation to install fully operational smart meters in accordance with smart meter regulation is a condition of AusNet Services’ distribution licence, issued by the Commission under the Electricity Industry Act 2000 (Vic).

The Commission has accepted this undertaking in accordance with its stated approach to non-compliance, set out in its Compliance Policy Statement For Vcitorian Energy Business (January 2012).

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