Under the Accident Towing Services Act 2007 (the Act), the Commission is required to conduct a periodic review of accident towing and storage charges. The purpose of this current review is to satisfy the periodic review requirement under the Act. The Commission has no role in enforcing or administering the Act or its Regulations — this is the role of the industry regulator, VicRoads.

The issues on which the Commission must review and make recommendations to the Minister are set out in section 212A of the Act (see appendix A). These are:

  • review of the level of regulated fees and charges (section 212A (1)(a) of the Act),
  • whether currently unregulated services (i.e. services for which the Minister has not made a fee determination) should be subject to fee regulation, and if so, the appropriate fee (section 212A (1)(b) of the Act), and
  • review of the productivity factor in the annual fee adjustment mechanism (section 212A (1)(c) of the Act).

Essential Services Commission