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Codes & Guidelines

Under Part 2A of the Rail Management Act, the Commission is required to develop and publish a number of Commission Instruments setting out the rules by which access providers and access seekers must abide in relation to the provision of declared rail transport services.

Additionally the Rail Network Pricing Order 2005 authorises the Commission to determine a methodology for calculating rail access prices to be used when approving access arrangements or determining disputes.  The Commission has released a Rail Access Pricing Guideline.

The Commission has also released guidelines in relation to dispute resolution and the procedural requirements for approving access arrangements.

These rules and guidelines made by the Commission are intended to facilitate the efficiency and effectiveness of the Victorian Rail Access Regime.

Associated Documents

Rail Access Pricing Guideline (1)
06 Feb 2009 Rail Access Pricing Guideline
Rail Access Dispute Resolution Guideline (2)
09 Aug 2008 Overview of The Victorian Rail Access Regime – Information Paper
09 Aug 2008 Rail Access Dispute Resolution Guideline
Rail Access Procedural Requirements for Approving Access Arrangements (1)
09 Aug 2008 Procedural Requirements for Approving Access Arrangements – Guidance Paper
Victorian Rail Access Regime Instruments (6)
29 Dec 2005 Account Keeping Rules
29 Dec 2005 Ring Fencing Rules
29 Dec 2005 Capacity Use Rules
29 Dec 2005 Network Management Rules
29 Dec 2005 Negotiation Guidelines
29 Dec 2005 Commission Instruments Paper