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Regulatory approach to the pricing order

Our Regulatory approach to the pricing order: consultation paper describes:

  • the pricing compliance framework under the pricing order
  • our proposed approach to administering key processes of the pricing order
  • the ‘accrual building block’ method for setting allowed revenues (as described in the pricing order).

Submissions to this consultation paper closed on 2 June 2017. In late 2017, we will publish a statement of regulatory approach paper that provides the port licence holder and port users with some guidance about how we will approach our roles in administering the pricing order. The tariff compliance statement process also gives stakeholders the opportunity to read about any key issues relating to the tariff compliance statement ahead of our formal five-year review.

As part of our responsibility for regulating the Port of Melbourne, we conduct five-yearly reviews of the port licence holder’s compliance with the pricing order.

Read an overview (including timelines) of how we regulate the Port of Melbourne.

Read about our Port of Melbourne regulatory roles in more detail.

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