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Price Monitoring Determination 2015

Under the Port Management Act 1995, the Essential Services Commission applies a price monitoring framework to container and motor vehicle cargo services and channel services. The Port of Melbourne Corporation (PoMC) is the only port operator subject to this price monitoring framework. This framework is given effect by a Price Monitoring Determination (PMD).

The Commission has now issued its Price Monitoring Determination for Victorian Ports 2015 (PMD 2015).

With the pending lease of Port of Melbourne operations to a private operator, the PMD 2015 contains no material changes compared to the previous PMD 2010. Further, the PMD 2015 will only apply until the private operator commences operations at the port — after which a new regulatory regime, implemented by the Victorian Government as part of the lease transaction, will apply.

For further information please contact the Commission on 03 9032 1300.

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