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Review of Accident Towing Charges 2013

Under the Accident Towing Services Act 2007, the Commission conducts periodic reviews of accident towing and storage fees in the Melbourne Controlled Area every four years. Under the Act, the Commission is required to provide advice to the Minister for Roads on the level of current fees, whether currently unregulated services should be regulated (and if so, an appropriate fee level for these services) and the productivity factor that applies to the annual adjustment mechanism.
The Commission's 2013 review commenced with the release of an issues paper on 21 February 2013, and subsequently a draft report on 16 May 2013. Interested stakeholders were invited to make submissions on both of these documents.
The Commission finalised its review and on 23 July 2013 provided its final report to the Minister for Roads. As required under the Accident Towing Services Act 2007, the Commission publicly released the report on its website in August 2013. 


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