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2018-19 higher cap applications

We received one application for a higher rate cap in 2018-19. Monash City Council applied for a one year higher cap of 3.53%, which is 1.28% above the Minister’s cap.

In considering whether to approve the higher cap, the commission will consider:

  • the proposed higher cap and the specified year that it will apply
  • the reasons for which the council seeks the higher cap
  • how the views of ratepayers and the community have been taken into account in proposing the higher cap
  • how the higher cap is an efficient use of council resources and represents value for money
  • whether consideration has been given to reprioritising proposed expenditures and alternative funding options and why the council does not consider those options to be adequate
  • whether the assumptions and proposals in the application are consistent with the council’s long term strategy and financial management policies set out in the council’s planning documents and annual budget.

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