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Powershop Australia Pty Ltd – Gas Retail Licence Application

Powershop Pty Ltd (ABN 41 154 914 075) has applied for a licence under the Gas Industry Act 2001 to sell gas in Victoria.

The Commission may grant or refuse to grant an application for a licence for any reason it considers appropriate having regard to the Commission’s objectives under the Gas Industry Act 2001 and the Essential Services Commission Act 2001. The Commission must be satisfied of the financial viability and technical capacity of the applicant.

A copy of the application and the Commission’s objectives are available on this site.

Please address public submissions regarding the application to Essential Services Commission, Level 37, 2 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, 3000, or to, by 5 pm, Friday 18 November 2016. Submissions must be relevant to the Commission’s objectives under both Acts and may be published on the Commission’s website.

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