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ESC Energy Audit Panel

One of the Commission’s statutory functions is to administer the licensing of energy distribution and retailing activities under the Gas Industry Act 2001 and the Electricity Industry Act 2000.  As a condition of their licences, the Commission may require licensed energy retailers and distributors to undertake audits of their compliance with applicable legislative and regulatory obligations, and of the quality of regulatory data such as performance indicators that the licensees report.

Licensees are expected to select auditors from the Commission’s audit panel.  In order to be appointed to the Commission’s audit panel, firms will need to satisfy specified criteria, as attached.   Current audit panel members are detailed in the table below.

Firm Primary Contact Phone Email
EY Brett Croft 9288 8000
PWC Matthew Hunt

Trevor Johnston

8603 1000

8603 1000

Protiviti Garran Duncan

Adam Christou

9948 1205

9948 1210

Deloitte Matthew Fraser 9671 7000
BDO Tom Fazio 9603 1761
Grant Thornton Brock Mackenzie 8663 6273
RSM Australia Pty Ltd Tim Pittaway 9286 8192

Suitably qualified organisations that are interested in joining the audit panel should send application and queries to

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