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Hazelwood Power – Application for Transfer of Electricity Licence

The Hazelwood Power Partnership (HPP) has applied to the Commission under the Electricity Industry Act 2000 to transfer licence EGHPP08/03, to generate electricity at Hazelwood Power Station, to a differently constituted HPP.

The bodies comprising the partnership have changed, with Hazelwood Investment Company Pty Limited (ACN 075 041 360) and CISL (Hazelwood) Pty Limited (ACN 074 747 185) selling their joint 8.16% share to Hazelwood Churchill Pty Limited (ACN 164 079 403). This will result in wholly owned subsidiaries of GDF SUEZ S.A. increasing their ownership share from 91.84% to 100%. This partial change in ownership triggers a transfer under the terms of the generation licence.

The Commission may grant or refuse to grant a licence transfer for any reason it considers appropriate having regard to the Commission’s objectives under the Electricity Industry Act 2000 and the Essential Services Commission Act 2001, including the financial viability and technical capacity of the applicant.


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