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Proposed Amendments to Guideline 19 – Energy Price and Product Disclosure

The Commission has published this issues paper to propose and seek comment on possible amendments to Guideline 19 – Energy Price and Product Disclosure (the Guideline). The Guideline implements the obligations created by sections 35C and 36A of the Electricity Industry Act 2000 (Vic) and sections to 42C and 43A of the Gas Industry Act 2001 (Vic).  Those obligations require retailers to publish tariffs and terms and conditions of sale.  This Guideline sets out the detail of the statutory obligations.

We have identified the need for the Guideline to be reviewed to address a number of compliance related matters, i.e. the provision of information to customers, and to ensure that it remains relevant to the current retail energy market as technological changes are being implemented, e.g. smart meters.  This Issues Paper is also intended to determine whether the Guideline requires any amendment to remain relevant and compatible with the emergence of time of use of tariffs.

Through this paper we invite responses from stakeholders to a range of issues highlighted in bold in relation to the Commission's recommended amendments to Guideline 19.

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