About the energy industry

There are 18 licensed energy retailers in Victoria offering a range of energy contracts and plans.  Their role is to sell you power (electricity and gas) and charge you for your energy usage.  You can choose your energy retailer based on the price and service that best suits you.

Further information about the energy industry is available from the government’s Victorian Energy Saver website ( website.

If you have any complaints about your energy retailer or energy supply, or have questions about your electricity or gas bill, please refer to the Victorian Energy Saver website.

How is energy delivered to you?


Generators produce electricity from coal and other sources like the sun or wind.


The Distributor is the business that owns the poles, wires and pipes that deliver electricity and gas to you. They fix faults including issues like broken pipes and electricity poles.


Retailers buy the electricity and gas from generators and sell it to you. Retailers will have different services to meet your needs.

If you decide to change retailer you will still have the same distributor (the company that owns the pipes, poles and wires that bring gas and electricity to you). Changing retailer will not affect the reliability or the quality of your supply.

Who is my electricity distributor?

There are five electricity distributors. They own the poles, wires and meters that bring electricity to you. (They are different from the retailer that sells you electricity). Each distributor looks after a different part of Victoria.

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Electricity distributors and contact details

Powercor Australia

Area Served: Western suburbs and western Victoria
Faults: 13 24 12
General Enquiries: 13 22 06

AusNet Services

Area Served: Outer northern and eastern suburbs and eastern Victoria
Faults: 13 17 99
General Enquiries: 1300 360 795

United Energy Distribution

Area Served: Southern suburbs and Mornington peninsula
Faults: 13 20 99
General Enquiries: 1300 131 689


Area Served: City and inner suburbs
Faults: 13 12 80
General Enquiries: 1300 301 101


Area Served: Northern and north-western suburbs
Faults: 13 16 26
SMS service::  0427 840 744
General Enquiries: 1300 131 871

Who is my gas distributor?

There are three gas distributors. They own the pipes and meters that bring gas to you. (They are different from the retailer that sells you gas). Each distributor looks after a different part of Victoria.

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Gas distributors and contact details

Australian Gas Networks

Faults: 1800 676 300
General Enquiries: (03) 9463 8222


Faults: 132 691
General Enquiries: 1300 887 501

AusNet Services

Faults: 13 67 07
General Enquiries: 1300 360 795



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