Compliance and monitoring

As a condition of their licence, energy retailers are required to comply with a number of Acts, legislative instruments and the commission’s energy codes and guidelines.

The commission conducts periodic compliance audits of energy retailers to ensure they are operating within these requirements.

Compliance reporting is included in the Victorian Energy Market Report

Each year, the commission publishes the Victorian Energy Market Report. This report is updated each quarter and includes details about retailers’ and distributors’ compliance with the energy rules.

Compliance breaches reported to the commission are investigated

Known or suspected compliance breaches are reported to the commission by customers, the Energy and Water Ombudsman (Victoria) and other stakeholders. Energy retailers and distributors are also able to report themselves if they believe they have breached a rule.

The commission investigates compliance breaches to ensure action is taken to correct the problem/s and reimburse customers (if applicable) for any disadvantage that may have occurred. On some occasions, enforcement action is required.

Licensees may enter an undertaking to resolve compliance issues

Thorough investigations of suspected major systemic breaches may take some time. Retailers may enter an undertaking with the commission to resolve issues over a period of time. An undertaking will detail how a retailer plans to address an issue including milestones or targets they will meet along the way. In these cases, a retailer is required to report their progress to the commission.


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