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Goulburn-Murray Water Price Review 2016 – Determination

16 Jun 2016

The Commission reviewed Goulburn-Murray Water’s price proposal under the Water Charge (Infrastructure) Rules (WCIR). The Commission applied to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) for accreditation to regulate Goulburn-Murray Water’s regulated charges in 2012. The Commission was accredited for ten years from 17 February 2012. A condition of the accreditation was that the Commission apply pricing principles developed by the ACCC when approving regulated charges under the WCIR. A copy of the accreditation can be found here.

Variation to the determination

As of 7 June 2017, the Essential Services Commission varied the Goulburn Murray Water determination (dated 15 June 2016). This variation replaces clause 2.3(b)(iii) in the determination.

For more information about this variation, please review our variation document.