Our submission policy

As an economic regulator, we regulate Victoria’s energywater and transport sectors, and administer the local government Fair Go Rates system. Part of our work involves accepting submissions from stakeholders.

We publish submissions on our website

We accept all submissions to our reviews or inquiries in good faith. We consider all submissions in line with our decision-making powers, and we publish received submissions as soon as possible.

Submissions should be submitted before related deadlines. We consider any submissions received after a stated deadline on a case-by-case basis.

When we publish a submission on our website, we also include some details about the submitter. We treat all submissions as public information unless the submitter has asked us to:

  • treat some or all of a submission as confidential or commercially sensitive
  • not disclose personal information, such as a name, address or contact details.

We may not publish all of the information we receive in a submission

We may only publish part of a submission if it:

  • contains information that must not be published
  • breaches privacy legislation
  • may result in the identification of an individual without their consent
  • contains inflammatory, offensive or inappropriate content
  • is defamatory or may expose us to legal action
  • is confidential or commercially sensitive
  • is outside the terms of reference of the review that the submission is related to.

Submission disclaimer

We are not liable to any person or organisation named in a submission where we:

  • withhold or fail to withhold a submission and/or personal information from publication
  • delete parts of the submission in line with our submission policy requirements.

We retain the right to determine where some or all of a submission should be published.

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