Statement of expectations

The statement of expectations sets out the finance minister’s expectations of the commission’s contribution to the government’s regulatory reform program.

Performance targets

The commission is expected to promote the long term interests of Victorian consumers with regard to the price, quality and reliability of essential services. In doing this, we are expected to apply robust economic reasoning, user best available evidence and demonstrate exemplary regulatory practice.

In demonstrating exemplary regulatory practice, we will:

  1. ensure that risk-based approached guide the delivery of regulatory outcomes
  2. make improvements to reduce the cost impact on regulated businesses, in particular, small businesses
  3. engage openly and constructively with all stakeholders in order to be well-informed and transparent
  4. work with other regulators to promote regulatory coherence and capability development
  5. improve the efficiency of your service delivery by streamlining review processes, data requirements and processes, and improving e-capability.

We will use existing or new indicators to measure progress against the targets. Where appropriate, we will also consult with business and the broader community on the actions we plan to take to deliver on these improvements.

Download the 2017-18 statement of expectations
Download the 2016-17 statement of expectations


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