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Since 2014, the Commission’s regulatory roles in taxis have significantly increased. Previously, the Commission provided advice to the Minister on taxi fares as and when required. The Commission now has three new taxi roles:

  1. taxi fare setting for the metropolitan, urban and large regional zones every two years;
  2. taxi price monitoring in country and regional Victoria on an annual basis; and
  3. a review of taxi non-cash payment service regulation.

In terms of taxi fare setting, we are now independently responsible for determining maximum taxi fares for the metropolitan, urban and large regional zones. This new determinative role took effect on 30 June 2014, through amendment of the Transport (Compliance and Miscellaneous) Act 1983. Prior to this, our role in relation to taxi fares was an advisory role to the Minister for Public Transport, who had ultimate responsibility for determining taxi fares across the state. We made our first determination of maximum taxi fares on 1 July 2014, retaining the same fares we had recommended to the Minister in our previous advisory role.

With regard to taxi fare monitoring, we released our first monitoring report in November 2015. We monitor prices, costs and return on assets of country and regional operators.


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