Audit Reports

One of the Commission’s statutory functions is to administer the licensing of energy distribution and retailing activities under the Electricity Industry Act 2000 (Vic) and the Gas Industry Act 2001 (Vic). As a condition of their licence, the Commission may require licensed energy retailers and distributors to undertake audits of their compliance with licence obligations (which include compliance with applicable legislative and regulatory obligations), and of the quality of regulatory data such as performance indicators that the licensees are required to report on.

The purpose of the regulatory audits is to provide the Commission with independent assurance that licensees are complying with their licence obligations.

Regulatory audits are generally performed by an independent auditor selected from the Commission’s audit panel and follow the requirements of the Commission’s Guideline No. 22 – Regulatory Audits of Energy Businesses.

Guideline No. 22 – Regulatory Audits of Energy Businesses (the Guideline), sets out the requirements of the Commission when requesting that energy licensees undertake regulatory audits. The Guideline outlines how the regulatory audit scope will be determined, how the auditor will be approved, what governance arrangements will apply during the audit process and the form and format of the audit report.

The Guideline is published by the Commission under the Essential Services Commission Act 2001 and applies to licensed energy businesses (licensees) under the Electricity Industry Act 2000 (the Electricity Act) and the Gas Industry Act 2001 (the Gas Act).


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