Compliance & Monitoring

Energy Retailers are required to comply with all relevant Acts and other legislative instruments, with the conditions of their licences and with the detailed requirements of codes and guidelines issued by the Commission.

The Commission undertakes periodic compliance audits and follows up the results

Each year, the Commission publishes a Compliance Report summarising retailers’ reports, our investigations and decisions, audits and other major activity.

The retailers themselves, their customers, the Energy and Water Ombudsman (Victoria) (EWOV) and other stakeholders report to the Commission details of incidents involving known or suspected compliance breaches. The Commission investigates as necessary, to ensure that action is taken to correct the problems and make good any disadvantage that customers may have experienced. We may need to take enforcement action. Investigation of apparent major systemic breaches may take a considerable period of time. Some systemic issues are resolved by the retailer in breach signing a voluntary undertaking to resolve the issue over a period of time, agree on milestones for the resolution of the issue and periodically report to the Commission on progress.


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