How we do it


The Essential Services Commission Act 2001 (the Act) establishes clear objectives that the Commission is required to pursue in performing its functions. Its primary objective is to promote the long term interests of Victorian customers with regard to the price, quality and reliability of essential services.

The Commission is also required to promote a more certain and stable regulatory framework conducive to longer term infrastructure investment and to maintain the financial viability of regulated utility industries.

Other key objectives and obligations of the Commission include:

  • consideration of relevant health, safety, environmental and social legislation in its decision making
  • being consultative and transparent in its processes and publishing a Charter of Consultation and Regulatory Practice
  • co-ordinating formally with other regulators to avoid duplication and to achieve more integrated decisions and outcomes.


The Essential Services Commission’s goals are to:

  • Deliver quality decisions and advice
  • Operate through transparent, inclusive processes
  • Exhibit integrity and impartiality
  • Encourage and display thought leadership.

Essential Services Commission